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For the last few years the term “Content Creation” has been used more and more - and rightfully so! Content creation is a hugely important tool in the digital marketing toolbox. I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard the term bouncing around… so what is content creation, and who does it?

A Content Creator is anyone who crafts media to express ideas and information. This can be visual media (photos, graphics, illustrations), audio media (podcasts, music), text-based media (blogs, tweets, articles, newsletters), or any combination of the three (like video content).

This definition paints a pretty broad picture of “Who does content creation?”... The answer is you. And pretty much everyone else. If you’ve ever posted on social media, you have created content.

“Okay... if content creation is so easy, why is it a big deal?”

It’s a big deal because it’s not easy - at least it’s not easy to do well.

There is a big difference between amateur and professional content creation, and that difference is STRATEGY. Anyone can post a photo on social media, but not all photos have the same impact.

Professional Content Creators make strategic content, which is directed to achieve a specific goal by appealing to a certain audience, and encouraging a certain reaction. On the other hand, amateur creators tend not to have clearly defined goals, so even though they might spend hours creating a great looking post, that post could fail to address the right audience in the right way.

Professional creators use what is called CONTENT STRATEGY, and it’s just as (if not more) important than your content’s aesthetic quality. Defining clear goals and using content strategy will increase the effectiveness of your work, helping you reach those goals and making sure your investment in content creation is a good one.

Some examples of strategic, goal-oriented content include:

  • Keyworded blog posts which direct more traffic to your website (SEO)

  • Educational Podcasts and Videos which attract and inform your niche audience (and also establish your own authority on the subject matter)

  • Lead-generating content like ebooks, webinars, or other free resources which enable further engagement with interested audiences (“Just sign up for our newsletter to gain access!”)

  • And many more.

Is your content directed by a clear strategy? Is it meeting your goals and moving your business forward?

If you’re unsure, send us a message. We love helping clarify our clients vision, and putting it on screens in front of the right people!

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