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There are many types of content you could create to promote your business or non-profit organization... So why do we focus so much on video?

One answer is that video takes the best advantage of the technology at our viewers’ fingertips.

In our digital world, we’re no longer tied to newsprint and magazines - which limited our content to silent, static imagery. Now that our viewers are mostly on phones and computers, they have the ability to view dynamic images, complemented by audible soundscapes. We too should move forward and take advantage of the possibilities offered by our technology!

A more important reason to use video content is that viewers WANT to see more video.

Studies have shown that viewers engage 135% MORE with videos than photo content, and also spend 500% LONGER watching video content than static imagery. These studies have also shown that 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.*

What about you? Take a look at these examples:

a group of friends jumping in the air in front of a beautiful sunset sky

Which do you find more engaging?

The video, right? There was more to see, so you watched it longer.

When your audience spends more time with your content, it gives you more time to connect with them.

This allows you to convey more information with more context. It allows you to provide more value, and earn more trust, forming a deeper bond with your viewers.

And isn’t that exactly what you’re here for?

How much would having more time with your ideal audience affect your business or non-profit organization? What could be the effect of your ideal audience knowing more, and feeling more connected to the mission and personality of your brand?

We’ve still got plenty to say on this topic, so stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll dive deeper into how video content can help you connect with your audience!

For video inquiries, head to our contact page, or email Tyler at



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