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We work with businesses, agencies, individuals, and non-profit organisations, by pairing stunning visuals with relevant storytelling.


Out with TLAs! (Three Letter Acronyms)

It often takes a fresh pair of eyes to see what’s unclear in an organisation's communications. We LOVE entering into the world of our clients to gain an understanding of what they do and who they’re serving! Our fresh perspective helps us to identify areas in your messaging that are unclear to those who are less familiar with your business or industry than you are.


Together, we can begin crafting a story which paints a fuller picture for your audience and stakeholders.

At Burdock Creative Media we aim our 10 years of production experience at creating content that will humanize your business in the eyes of your customers. We're here to help you invite your customers into your story - answering their questions, earning their trust, while leaving them wanting more!


We don't just create good looking content.

We use quality content as a tool to help you solve problems for a smoother running business.


We've used video to:

  • encourage sales

  • increase brand awareness and customer engagement

  • save you time (ie. answering FAQs, training videos)

  • create webinars and lead generators

  • establish company culture and values, and

  • tell emotive stories that stick with your audience

Over the years Burdock’s founder, Tyler Burr, has crafted videos in numerous contexts; from shooting fitness celebrities on the sunny coasts of Australia, to filming the nature and wildlife of Central Alaska. With his diversity of experience and passion for meeting the challenges of each new project, he'll be quick to follow up with you about your video needs!


We are Burdock Creative Media, and we want to work with you to tell stories that stick with your viewers.


With your message, and our video crafting expertise, we know that together we can make something you’ll be proud to share. 


Let's see how we can tell your story together!

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