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NON-PROFIT HIGHLIGHT VIDEO - Carizon Family & Community Services
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Dr. Rebecca Sutherns needed a video that would elevate her business by explaining what she does, who she serves, and what she’s like to work with. She needed something that would grab the attention of her target market: leaders of forward thinking organizations, that value collaboration and have the decision making power to bring Rebecca in to help them in their strategy sessions.


But she had a concern: As a consultant and a group facilitator, people hire Rebecca Sutherns for her MIND. She has years of experience, and is gifted at quickly understanding her clients needs and synthesizing a lot of information down into actionable goals. As someone in an intellectual field, Rebecca was concerned that her work would be difficult to express clearly, or in a visually engaging way. Together we found an effective solution to make her video work.

The key was to highlight Rebecca’s dynamic personality and make sure we convey the energy that she brings into a room when she leads a planning meeting. This offers viewers a glimpse of what it’s like working with Rebecca, so that when she’s hired by an organization, they already know she’ll be a good fit for them.




We met with Rebecca a few times, taking time to get a clear picture of what she does, and how to express it. We then followed her to a number of meetings, filming as she facilitated sessions in a variety of contexts which helped to express Rebecca’s depth of experience and her versatility in what she does. 


The end result is a video that expresses Rebecca’s work through her energy, intellect, and passion for collaborative strategy.



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Rebecca Sutherns, PhD,CPF

Founder/CEO, Sage Solutions Consulting Firm

"I hired Tyler at Burdock Creative to produce a promotional video for my consulting firm.


I was confident he understood what I was going after, and the final product confirmed it.


He was able to capture the essence of something that I wasn’t sure could be visually compelling and communicated it in an engaging and clear way.


I was so pleased with his work that I have already asked him to take on three additional projects."

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